Whats up Playgirls PattayaWe decided to move on, and check out What’s Up on Soi 15 or What’s Up Playgirls as it’s known now. I had described What’s Up so enthusiastically to my friend, about girls that wear exotic costumes like the outfit that Cleopatra wore to seduce Caesar, and bacchanalia that the Roman hedonists could only dream of. His comment was, “It sounds like Windmill on steroids!”.

Swinging Girls

What’s Up has always been a fun experience for me. A small centre stage, with 4 girls dancing, a play area and a shower area, plus a small exercise area where girls swing on those chains that hang from the ceiling. It’s one of What’s Up’s unique features. The more skilled girls swing on these chains, in acrobatic fashion, engaging in all kinds of gyrations, and offering every part of their curvaceous bodies for inspection and interaction. Girls are keen to interact, and constantly make eye contact. They’re perhaps a little pushy, but there’s lots of cute girls willing to interact with you, in any way you can think of.

Cash Counter

We sat at the centre stage, and I watched as the girl immediately in front of me stood motionless and spent several minutes counting the cash she had collected during the evening. The girls on stage seemed a bit lethargic. Nevertheless, the serving girl asked me if I would like to buy the cash counting girl a drink. No thanks I said, she reminds me of my ex-wife. She had long legs and was an accountant, too!

Our visit started off well, my friend was having fun with a cute girl who was friendly but seemed a little hyper-active, jumping up every few minutes, to go up onto the play area, only to return a few minutes later to engage my pal in a different position.

Another Soaking

In my buddy’s energetic interaction with his companion, he knocked over her drink, and dumped the contents onto my pants. Having just spend 8 days getting soaked every day during Songkran, it was a feeling I’d got used to. I asked one of the service girls if I could use her towel to dry my pants, but she thought this was an inappropriate use of her towel and snatched it out of my hand.

Mamasang on a Mission

There were no other dry towels in sight, so I approached the mamasang, to ask for a little help. Her reaction was to ask me if I had spilled the drink, when I said no, she turned her back on me, and ignored my request. Kinda strange I thought, to leave a drowning man without a life belt.

I was clearly going to be left to my own ingenuity to divert the river flowing down my leg. I eventually found a friendly service girl who threw me a life line. When I returned, my friend’s companion started to yell at me, baring her teeth and snarling at me. Something had snapped in this girl’s head that was a little scary. Maybe she had been popping too many pills. I suspect she thought I had complained to the mamasang.

While this mamasang is probably well-intentioned, her heavy-handed management style seems to be placing too much stress on the go-go girls who are under constant pressure to be energetic and friendly towards customers. As a result the girls snap if they think they are being held responsible for some minor incident.

In all the years I have been cruising the Walking Street clubs, I can’t remember a mamasang so unwilling to help a customer. A mamasang can make or break a good club and this mamasang seems on a mission to break the spirit at this otherwise fun club.

Not So Rosy

Judging by the number of phone calls I get from local girls on a daily basis, things are far from rosy on the nightlife scene. If times are tough, all the more reason for a big club to focus on customer care. I guess the message hasn’t got through to the management at What’s Up.

It’s still a great club, and well worth a visit.

Bottled beer ฿125, Lady drinks ฿120 upwards