Discover Pattaya and all its treasures!! Thailand’s most vibrant city. If you can imagine it, this is the place where you can make it happen! Fabulous hotels, beautiful beaches, terrific weather, great entertainment, good food, vibrant nightlife, and exotic, friendly girls!

Situated just 150 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya is a prime tourist destination, with something for everyone. Boasting lovely beachfront promenades, more than 20 world-class golf courses as well as a vibrant night life, Pattaya has much to offer everyone, from the budget traveler to the retiree wishing to spend their golden years in the beautiful and exotic Kingdom of Thailand. Pattaya’s solid infrastructure supports a large expat community, offering an abundance of western foods, myriad shopping centers, and sports facilities.

  • Hotels – There is a hotel for every taste.  Do you want to be near the beach, near the nightlife, or in a secluded and relaxed location. Many of the newest and best hotels in Pattaya are on Beach Road. This is a great location for the major shopping malls and for the Walking Street nightlife scene. If you prefer to be a little further away from the action, the Pattaya cliff area, Jomtien and Naklua, has luxurious hotels both large and small, in a relaxed location. You can easily find great Pattaya hotels, serviced apartments or guesthouses based on your preferred location and budget.
  • Beaches – You have a choice of beaches depending on whether you want action, leisure, seclusion, or a more traditional seaside experience. You can also visit beautiful beaches on nearby islands like Koh Larn.
  • Nightlife – If you have come to enjoy the nightlife, be prepared for the experience of a life time! You can visit Walking Street, Soi Diamond, PattayaLand, Soi Buakhao, and of course the notorious Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak). There are thousands of beer bars, around 80 go-go bars, nightclubs, dance clubs. How do you choose which venues to visit? For a list of go-go bars to visit check out the Top Ten Go-Go bars page! It’s also important to understand how to stay safe while you are in Pattaya. Check out our Pattaya Survival Guide.
  • Pattaya Girls – You’ve heard the stories about Thailand’s beautiful women, now meet the girls behind the legend. Where can you meet those beautiful Pattaya girls. What should you know before you meet them?
  • Airport Bus or Taxi – You have a choice of air conditioned bus to Pattaya or Jomtien or a choice of taxi service. Plan ahead to get the best deal, and avoid the airport stress and confusion.
  • Activities – If you like action, choose from jet skiing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, para-sailing, horse riding, golf , bungey jump, water slides, or go-karting.
  • Golf– If you’re a keen golfer, you’ll enjoy the wide choice of golf courses in the Pattaya area. There’s more than 20 golf courses, within an hour’s drive of Pattaya. Join one of the local golf clubs, which organise games several times a week, or stop in at Rabbi’s Elephant Bar, on Soi Buakhao (near Soi 21), to learn more about the Pattaya Golf Society.
  • Places to See – There’s a great variety of places see in the Pattaya area, including the Sanctuary of Truth, Elephant Village, Crocodile Farm, Thai Cultural Show, Floating Market, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and the Tiger Zoo.
  • Restaurants – This city has a great selection of places to eat. Western cuisine, seafood restaurants, Thai food, street vendors, food delivered to your hotel. Fast food takes on a new meaning in Thailand!
  • Thai MassageThai massage is world renowned. If you need to relieve the stresses of the day, and feel rejuvenated or you are looking for an experience with a happy ending, you are in the right place. Choose from trained, experienced men or women, or talented ladies to please you.
  • Thai culture – Thailand’s culture is different from western culture in many ways. There are philosophical, social and economic factors that influence Thai culture. Be prepared before you set out on your adventure. Learn what behaviour is respected and what is unacceptable to your Thai friends. If you would like to learn to speak a few words of Thai before you come to Thailand, check out the Speak Thai page.
  • Music – Pattaya has many discos, night clubs and live music venues. If music is your pleasure, you have lots of choice. If you’re looking for live music there’s CandyShop, B-52 and The Blues Factory. If you’re looking for clubs that Thai girls like to visit, there’s Gulliver’s Walking Street, Lucifer, Marine Disco, Club Insomnia, CandyShop and Tony’s Entertainment Complex.
  • Medical Services – Thailand has world class medical services. It is now the largest medical hub in Asia, attracting patients from all parts of the world for excellent medical care in a low cost environment. There are also two very good hospitals in Pattaya the Pattaya International Hospital ( and the Pattaya Bangkok Hospital ( – which offer world-class healthcare facilities. For worldwide healthcare coverage, contact BUPA Health Insurance, Pattaya Branch ( Pattaya has a full range of medical facilities and services, including Hospitals, Physician care, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, Eye Clinics, Dental care, Pharmacies and complementary medical services like Chiropractic care, Herbal Medicines, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Traditional Thai Massage.
  • Weather – Pattaya has great weather year round. It also has better weather than Thailand’s other major resorts. Pattaya’s rainy season is much shorter than Phuket’s. It doesn’t have blustery on-shore winds in high season, like Koh Samui. Pattaya has the nicest winter season anywhere, with warm, sunny days and mild evenings. Nicer weather than some folks have in summer!