If you are new to Pattaya, there are 10 go-go bars you can check out, all in the Walking Street Area. These are larger bars and are rated as consistently good in terms of service and friendliness of the staff. These bars cover all the styles, look don’t touch, traditional and raunchy, plus cabaret. Check them all out. You should have a great experience.

Walking Street: Airport Club, Living Dolls Showcase, Peppermint.
Soi Diamond: Heaven Above, Super Girl, Windmill.
Soi 15: AngelWitch, What’s Up, Baby Dolls.
Soi Happy: Happy Go-Go.

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  • Airport Club, Walking Street

    This bar is always busy, sometimes too busy. But there are always girls to entertain you. Dancers in bikini style air hostess outfits, and service girls in short, attractive outfits.

    The main stage area has go-go dancers. At the back of the bar there’s the bathtub and Jacuzzi action, and a play stage with girls doing an erotic show, in various stages of undress.

    There is comfortable bench seating along the sides and bar stools around around the play areas.

    Draft Heineken is available at Bt 85 throughout the evening. Bottle beers at regular go-go club prices.

    The service girls are striking in their appealing air hostess style uniforms. Airport has some attractive, friendly, service girls. So don’t get too distracted by the dancers!

    Airport club seems to understand pretty girls are what makes a great go-go bar.

    Airport Club Pattaya Hotels
    Walking Street (Soi Diamond), Chon Buri
    Pattaya, Thailand – 20260

  • AngelWitch Rock Dancers, Soi 15

    AngelWitch has professional dancers and choreographed shows that are well worth watching. Couples and families come to watch the shows. It’s a great place to take your date. Later in the night the shows become more erotic. Between shows the go-go dancers arrive in dramatic style via overhead gantry and slide down the chromed poles.

    The drinks are above average for Pattaya go-go bars, (but not the most expensive) and you will be urged to refill your drinks on a regular basis. But still great value considering you’re watching some of the best entertainment in town. Well worth a visit!

    Angelwitch – Rock Dancers – Pattaya
    Walkingstreet Soi 15, South Pattaya,
    Pattaya, Thailand – 20150
    Email: manager@angelwitchpattaya.com

  • Babydolls aGo-Go, Soi 15

    Babydolls has it all from erotic to demure. This bar has great entertainment and always seems busy. Service can get a bit stretched during busy periods, but the staff are always friendly and helpful. The service girls dressed in airline style uniforms, are eye catching. Always ready with a smile.


    The main stage has standard go-go dance routines, plus some table dancing. Expect the girls to make eye-contact and smile at you. The Jacuzzi and play mat offer some more erotic action, with plenty of interaction. Girls and customers seem to be enjoying the liveliness and having a lot of fun. Some great looking girls to spend the evening with here. Drinks prices are typical for popular Walking Street bars in Pattaya.

    Babydolls Agogo
    Soi 15, Off Walking Street
    South Pattaya

  • Baccara A Go-Go, Walking Street

    Baccara is one of the most lavish and impressive clubs in Pattaya. It’s really two clubs in one. The downstairs area has a large centre stage with 8 – 10 dancers in bikini outfits, but no Jacuzzi or play area.

    The upstairs stage has a glass floor, and a more energetic interactive atmosphere. Girls have micro skirts and basketball style boots. They are cute, friendly and seem keen to have fun. The downstairs area is formal and a little cold.

    If you want some fun, go upstairs, enjoy the comfortable seating and the friendly girls in the upstairs bar.

    Draft beer is Bt 59, Lady drinks Bt 120

    Baccara – GoGo
    Walking Street, Between Soi 15 and 16, South Pattaya
    opposite Soi B.J. and Soi Happy,
    Pattaya, Thailand – 20150

  • Happy aGo-Go, Soi Happy

    Go-Go Bars PattayaHappy aGo-Go is at the end of Soi Happy just off Walking Street. You will pass a dozen open-air beer bars on the way. Don’t get distracted!

    They claim to be Pattaya’s No.1 go-go bar, and lots of people would agree with that. It’s always busy, often quite crowded, but the service is always good, and they seem to have an endless supply of attractive girls. Draft beer is Bt 55 until 9:30 pm.

    Happy is not as interactive as some bars, but the dancers are friendly. They will make eye contact and smile at you. If the bar is crowded, there may not be a lot of space to sit and chat to the girl you are having a drink with.

    Happy is one of the best bars in town. A stream of beautiful, friendly girls, reasonable drinks prices and excellent customer service, make this bar a natural choice for any evening out.

    Happy A Go-Go
    Golden Mile Plaza (Soi Happy)
    off Walking Street
    Pattaya, Thailand – 20150Girl Friendly Hotels Pattaya Header

  • Heaven Above A-GoGo, Soi Diamond

    Heaven Above is consistently rated one of the top go-go bars in Pattaya. There are always lots of attractive girls, and generally they are friendly and there is lots of interaction. There is a smallish main stage, plus several dancing stages in the customer area. At the back of the bar there is smaller stage, plus a jacuzzi. Drinks prices are average for a go-go bar. Heineken is Bt 115.

    Heaven Above Pattaya
    Soi Diamond, Walking Street,
    Pattaya Beach, Pattaya, Thailand – 20150

  • Peppermint, Walking Street

    Large popular go-go with plenty to see and watch. This is a fun place with lots going on. The bar is consistently busy, which means that good seating is not always available.

    There’s the main stage with dancers who are sometimes topless, a side stage and a cage with some hot looking girls dancing naked. And if that isn’t enough there’s a few table dance podiums and a topless bar. The bar always has plenty of attractive girls to watch and interact with.

    Peppermint is more in the style of Happy a go-go, with eye-contact and smiling girls, rather than Super Girl or Super Baby, where are more in the “pick a number and go” style. Girls here are more likely to try their luck for a lady drink.

    Drinks prices are reasonable and the bar has a single rate bar fine, rather than a complex structure that some bars use. This is a great bar, right on Walking Street. Stop in and take a look.

    Peppermint Agogo
    Marine Disco Building, Beach Road,
    between Soi 16 and Soi 15 (Walking Street),
    Pattaya, Thailand – 20150

  • Super Girl, Soi Diamond

    One of the original “pick a number and go” bars that features very pretty girls who do not interact in any way (not even a smile) until you pick out their number

    There are usually about a dozen girls dancing on the central stage with another couple at small podiums next to the main stage. The dress code is topless with slightly see through skirts.

    There is also a Jacuzzi where girls act out their scenes in a more restrained, and less enthusiastic way than other bars. The drinks prices are above average for go-go bars.

    Super Girl has beautiful girls, who don’t interact much till you pick out their number, and it has high price drinks. But it’s still a great bar and well worth a visit. Go check it out. See if it is your style of go-go bar.

    Superbaby & Supergirl Agogo Bars
    496/ 17-20 Diamond Hotel Arcade,
    South Pattaya, Cholburi,
    Pattaya, Thailand – 20260
    Tel: +66 38 411 828
    Fax: +66 38 428 420

  • What’s Up Playgirls Go-Go, Soi 15

    This is a well-run go-go bar with friendly, attractive girls, who maintain a good rapport with the customers. Multiple interactive stages make this go-go lively and lots of fun. The bar has plenty of erotic action with a main stage, side stages and a shower area that encourages lots of activity.

    New upstairs bar What’s Up Imagine was closed in March 2010.

    Drinks prices are above average for a go-go bar. Heineken is Bt 125. Bar fines are also on the high side, Bt 1200 for a show-girl before midnight.

    If you are not too concerned about the high prices, this is one of the best bars in town.

    What’s Up Play Girls Club
    Soi 15, Pattaya Beach Rd,
    Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri
    Pattaya, Thailand – 20260
    Tel: +66 38 711 011

  • Windmill, Soi Diamond

    There is a lot more activity here than at most go-go bars. The focus is on fun. Great atmosphere, cute girls. Raunchy scenes, a jacuzzi, and a bed where they engage in oiling and simulated sex.

    Windmill always seems to be busy. No pressure. Ladies will approach you, but there is no pressure to entertain them or buy ladies drinks. Beer prices are reasonable.

    This is a fun bar. Well worth a visit.

    The Windmill Club
    29/79, Moo 10, Soi Diamond, Chonburi
    Pattaya, Thailand
    Tel: +66 800168499
    http://www.windmillpattaya.comPattaya Thailand