The Office A Go-Go – Soi LK Metro

The Office A Go-Go PattayaThe Office Go-Go is situated on Soi LK Metro, a little right-angle street that connects Soi Diana with Soi Buakhao. The club opened on 17 August 2010.

The Office theme starts with the welcome girls who are dressed in attractive office outfits, jackets, white shirts, ties and short skirts. Girls are keen to be friendly and interactive. Go go dancers wear white shirts when they’re off stage. But then the office theme seems to fade.

Service girls wear black shirts and long pants, they look more like the maintenance crew. It seems like a wasted opportunity, to show off the service girls. Some clubs like Airport do this so well, you feel surrounded by attractive girls.

The Office go-go is larger than the average club, with comfortable seating, on each side, and with raised seating on one side.

A large centre stage, with 6 girls dancing, most were topless. Girls were quite friendly, several cute girls and the rest average. Several of the girls were more interested in their reflection in the wall mirrors, than making eye contact with customers.

There’s a Jacuzzi / shower area at the far end of the centre stage, with two girls soaping themselves and having fun. And there’s comfortable seating around the shower area, for those that want to interact with the shower girls. Curiously the girls were partially dressed, one wearing a full bikini while soaping up.

The club was quite busy for a Thursday night, with a steady stream of customers finding their way in from Soi LK metro and the Soi Buakhao area.

It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Draught beer at ฿ 60. Choice of Heineken or Tiger. Bottled beer at ฿ 90
Happy hour 9 – 11 pm: bottled beer at ฿ 65; 11 pm – midnight: shots at ฿ 40.

Contact for More details:
Email: [email protected]