Tahitian Queen Rises from the Ashes

The Tahitian Queen Rock ‘n Roll bar on Beach Rd (just a few minutes north of Walking Street) has re-opened only 3 weeks after being destroyed by fire. The club is now in full swing and well worth a visit.

TQ is Pattaya’s longest running bar, and it’s a mix of go-go bar and meeting place for local bikers. It has a rock ‘n roll theme and there’s constant music videos on the plasma display. There is a small centre stage with 5 or 6 girls dressed in bikinis and lots of girls who move around the bar dressed in bikinis and cowboy boots interacting with customers.

I was there at 6 pm on Saturday afternoon, the day after TQ re-opened. It was packed with visitors, and residents having lots of fun. It’s a great place for an afternoon drink, if you’re strolling along Beach Road, and a good place to spend your evening in the company of some attractive girls.

Hopefully, the electrical problems have been fully resolved. The power breakers tripped and plunged the club into darkness the evening I was there. Hopefully, just a minor start-up problem that will not impact the clubs operation.

TQ also has short time rooms available.

Bottled Beer ฿115, Ladydrink ฿120