I had planned to visit SuperGirl one of the great clubs on Soi Diamond. It’s been a long time favourite even if the girls are not the friendliest in town. But my plans changed when I saw a tour group of about 30 Asian men being herded into SuperGirl. I figured this was not the best time for a visit, and thought I would go visit SuperBaby, just across the street. Same owners, same style, and it’s been a while since I’ve been there. Now seems like a good time to check it out.

I got there about 11:30 pm, and the club was fairly quiet. About 10 or 11 girls on the centre stage and the shower / jacuzzi area at the back had four attractive girls, engaged in various activities, trying to attract attention, but no one seemed to notice. There were some great looking girls on stage, some of the hottest on the street, hardly a bad one amongst them. A couple of 9’s a bunch of 8’s and the rest better looking than the girls at most go-go clubs in town. As I sat down, I looked into the eyes of one of the hottest girls in the club, I smiled at her. To my astonishment, she smiled back. I pinched myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming and smiled at her again. She gave me another one of her captivating smiles. I offered to buy her a drink, she didn’t respond at first. I repeated the offer and she agreed.

SuperBaby Go-Go Girls

This girl was not only hot, she was sweet and friendly too. I had just established that she was a local girl from Chonburi, pale skinned and exquisite, she had worked at SuperBaby for four months and had a 3 year old son. I was just about to enquire whether her magnificent breasts were completely real, when she started to clutch her stomach and say she was hungry. I thought maybe she was going to suggest I bar fine her and we go get something to eat. But no, she indicated she had her own food, and she disappeared to go eat, leaving her drink almost untouched.

She reappeared just in time to start her dance cycle on stage. I counted the songs, .. 7, 8, that must be the last song …9, 10. Ten songs! this is crazy! I am not normally a patient man, but I made an exception for this girl. She had been on stage for more than 30 mins. Finally she collected her bikini top, and headed off stage. But she disappeared in the crowd. I was surprised to see she was sitting with some other guys. I waited for a few more minutes, I waved to her to come join me, but she ignored me. I called over the mamasang, and explained the story. She spoke to the girl and got some story about thinking I didn’t want her to sit with me. I protested that I was not going to pay for a lady drink for less than 5 mins of friendship, even with a hot girl, then to be kept waiting for 40 mins just to be dumped. Without a moments hesitation she pulled the second slip from the bin and told me I didn’t have to pay for the lady drink. I paid up and made a hasty exit.

This behaviour is very unusual. There is a kind of agreement that the girl will sit with you till she has finished her drink. To walk away without finishing a drink is a broken promise, that gets go-go dancers and the club a bad name.

Beer is ฿120 a bottle, no cheap draught beer at SuperBaby. Lady drinks are also ฿120.

Superbaby & Supergirl Agogo Bars
496/ 17-20 Diamond Hotel Arcade
South Pattaya, Cholburi
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260
Tel: +66 38 411 828
Fax: +66 38 428 420