Sapphire Club a Go Go PattayaSapphire Club is a new Go-Go bar on Soi 15 just opposite AngelWitch. This is a great location if you’re a customer, Soi 15 gets less passing traffic than Walking Street itself but it is crammed with some of the best clubs in the Walking Street area.

The club’s decor has a sapphire blue theme, from the exterior signs to the blue paintwork, comfortable padded blue seating around the outside walls, and the service girls have attractive blue uniforms.

There is a centre dance stage with poles for 8 girls, raised sections at each end, and stools around the stage itself. There’s no jacuzzi, shower or play area. There are short time rooms available upstairs. There is a menu available drinks on each table, so you can see the prices for all the drinks served.

The bar was fairly quiet last night, with only a handful of customers. There were 6 girls on the centre stage, and a few more girls available to mix with customers. There were some cute girls, some average, a good line up for a bar that’s been open for less than a week.

Girls were quite energetic, but seemed more interested in their reflections in the wall mirrors than making eye contact with customers. All the girls were in bikinis, some were topless.

All was well until about 1 am. A show was about to start, with girls in new revealing costumes. Then an enterprising fellow walked up with a remote control for the air conditioning and reduced the temperature by about 10 degrees. The music was turned up to an unbearable level, not just “difficult to hold a conversation” level, but ear drum bursting, body vibrating level, and the rotating hi-tech lights started on a new sequence specifically designed to shine in customers’ eyes, and make the show difficult to watch.

I decided it was just too uncomfortable to stay any longer, and decided to miss the rest of the show.

But my departure was not going to happen so quickly or easily. I took me a while to attract a service girl to take my money. Normally the sight of a bank note or two in the bin will bring sharp eyed service girls from across the room. But not tonight, I had to resort to waving the bin in the air to attract some attention. Even the exit door was blocked by service girls engaged in a conversation.

Sapphire seems to have followed the direction taken by new clubs like Baccara and Cavern Club, with impressive decor, but fewer facilities and a hands-off theme. For these clubs to be successful the entertainment has to be higher quality, that means choreographed shows, like AngelWitch and lots of cute girls like AirPort or SuperBaby.

The club has a few start up problems to resolve. Until they’re addressed, Soi 15 has a bunch of excellent clubs that you might want to try including: AngelWitch, BabyDolls, Beach Club, Misty’s, Shark Club and What’s Up, and three of these are in my Top Ten Go-Go bar list.

Draught beer (half pint) ฿65, Chang or Leo ฿95, Singha ฿100, Heineken ฿110.
Draught Guinness ฿225.

Sapphire Club a-Go-Go
177/37-38 Soi 15 Walking Street
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260