Here’s a complete and up-to-date list of all the go go bars in the Pattaya area. There’s around 80 go-go bars in total, the number varies from month to month. Walking Street has the most, with around 18 go-go bars, and lots more in the adjoining side streets. Most bars have Thai girl go go dancers. A few have European girls, and high prices, like Galaxy, Moulin Rouge and Lady’s Shadow Club.

Soi Diamond is the busiest of the side streets, with more than a dozen go-go bars to visit. If you want to see a short list of some of the best go-go bars in town check out the Top 10 Go Go Clubs in Pattaya to Visit page.

The reviews for the Pattaya Go-Go Bar Guide are short and to the point. You should read between the lines. If there is a description but no positive comments, then the bar is inconsistent or uninspiring. So you might want to leave this bar until after you have visited the “worth a visit” bars.

The bars are listed by street or by soi (alley) so you can review the bars in your chosen area. Walking Street is a good start for your go-go bar exploration, so these are listed first. The other streets listed below like Soi Diamond, Soi 15 etc are side streets directly off Walking Street.

Complete list of Pattaya GoGo Bars and Short Reviews


  • AirPort Club – Walking Street.
    Always busy, sometimes crowded. Bar has a bathtub and play stage. Friendly girls have great outfits. Worth a visit
  • Angelwitch – Rock Dancers – Soi 15, Walking Street.
    Night club with a class cabaret show, plus go-go dancers on stage between shows. Friendly staff. Higher than average drinks prices. Good place to take a date. Worth a visit.


  • Baby Boom A Go Go
    Between Soi X-Zyte and Soi Buakhao.
  • Babydolls A Go Go – Soi 15, Walking Street
    Fun bar with friendly girls and attentive staff. Usually busy. Worth a visit.
  • Baccara Go Go
    Walking Street. – Twin of Bangkok Baccara Go Go bar.
  • Beach Club – Soi 15, Walking Street.
    Popular larger bar, friendly girls, table dancing.
  • Beavers Club
    Walking Street, north end, near Beach Road
    Table Dancing bar. Small lively bar with friendly girls.
  • Betty Boum
    Soi 13/3, Pattayaland
  • Betty Boup Dance Club
    Soi 6, Beach Road – Re-opened as Wanthana’s Dance Club
  • B.J. Club A Go Go
    Soi BJ, (in Jasmine Hotel), off Walking Street.
  • Blue Lagoon Coyote Club
    Best Friend Complex, Beach Road. Between Soi 13/2 and 13/3.
  • Bubbles Go Go – Now a Gay Club
    Pattayaland Soi 3, Boyz Town, 2nd Rd.
  • Byblos Club A Go Go
    Soi Diamond, corner 2nd Road (Pratamnak)
    Big club with 3 floors. Re-opened Jun 2009. Coyote dancing on main floor, go-go bar with bells and whistles shows on second floor.


  • Carousel Go Go Club – Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
    Large revolving stage. Occasional shows. Generally quiet bar.
  • Casino Club – Coyote dancing bar.
    Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
  • Casnovy A Go Go, Walking Street
    Large bar, with central stage and table dancing. Plenty of dancing girls and hostess girls.
  • Cat’s Place A Go Go – Ladyboy Go Go bar.
    Soi Day-Night, off Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya Road) near Tukcom.
  • Catz A Go Go – Renamed Toyz A Go-Go
    Soi 16, Walking Street, Covent Garden Complex. Small, well run bar. Friendly girls. Generally quiet.
  • Cavern a Go-Go
    Walking Street, near Airport and Iron Club – opened May 2010
  • Champagne A Go Go
    Soi LK Metro (off Soi Diana)
  • Champion A Go Go, Walking Street.
    Central stage with dancing tables. Popular for rock music. Has the lowest price draft beer in Walking Street.
  • Classroom A Go Go
    Pattayaland Soi 13/4.
  • Classroom 2 A Go Go – renamed Lek’s Classroom
    Soi 2, Second Road. Opposite Big C.
  • Club Blu Pattaya – Coyote dancing bar.
    Soi Buakhao, corner Soi LK Metro.
  • Club Boesche – Soi 16, Walking Street, Covent Garden
    Popular bar, centre stage plus Jacuzzi. Little interaction with girls.
  • Club Mirage – Closed March 2010
    Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
  • Club Misty’s – Soi 15, Walking Street.
    Popular larger bar, centre stage, friendly service.
  • Club Nevada – Read Review
    Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office), Beach Road.
  • Club Oasis A Go Go
    Soi Buakhao (corner of Soi Chaiyapoon)
  • Club Sin City A Go Go
    Soi 16, Walking Street, Covent Garden Complex.
  • Cosy’s A Go Go
    Walking Street, opposite Soi BJ. Opened November 2009.
  • Coyotee’s A Go Go – Closed October 2009
    Soi Marine Plaza, near Walking Street


  • Diamond A Go Go – Soi Diamond, Pattaya
    Medium sized bar. Sometimes have shows by visiting Bangkok girls. Steep bar-fines.
  • Dollhouse A Go Go – Walking Street, below Marine Disco
    Medium sized bar, with revolving stage.


  • Fantasy A Go Go – Closed November 2009
    Simon Beer Bar Complex, Walking Street. Smallest go-go bar in Pattaya!
  • Far East Rock A Go Go
    Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office), Beach Road.
  • Fashion Club – Members club with expensive drinks.
    Moonlight Complex, Soi 6, Beach Road.
  • First A Go Go – Closed for the Summer
    Soi 8, Beach Road.
  • Fun Room A Go Go – Closed February 2010
    Soi 15, Walking Street


  • Galaxy Cabaret – Walking Street.
    Bar has blonde girls from eastern Europe. High drinks prices, Bt 220 for Heineken, and mandatory Bt 100 tips for dancers. Bt 200 cover charge if you bring a lady. Staff can be arrogant and demanding.
  • Gentlemen’s Club – Upstairs Jacuzzi bar added.
    Soi Diamond, Walking Street. Medium sized popular bar, with central stage, plus upstairs jacuzzi. Friendly staff, good service.


  • Happy A Go Go – Soi Happy, Walking Street.
    Larger bar, popular, always busy. Lots of friendly girls. Centre stage plus side stage. Worth a visit.
  • Heaven Above – Soi Diamond, Walking Street (upstairs)
    Popular, Lively bar, plenty of girls, with different costumes depending on the night. Worth a visit.
  • Hooty’s Show Girls – Walking Street.
    Well run bar. Plays western music.
  • Hot & Cold A Go Go
    Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office), Beach Road.
  • Hot Girls – A Go Go – Walking Street.
    Central stage, and side stages, plus jacuzzi, bar has a white theme. “Bells and whistles” show on rear stage. Sometimes charge entrance fee.
  • Hottie’s Club – Closed June 2010
    2nd Road, opposite Mike Shopping Mall


  • Illusions Club – Soi 15, Walking Street.
    Bells and whistles show, plus go-go dancers. May charge entrance fee.
  • The Iron Club
    Walking Street, next door to Airport Club


  • K A Go Go – Closed Aug 2009
    Soho Square, Walking Street.
  • Kiss Kool Bar
    Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak), Beach Road.
  • Kitten Club – mix of girls and ladyboys.
    Pattayaland Soi 13/4 (Penthouse Hotel). Kitten Club video


  • Lady’s Shadow Club – Opened December 2009
    Walking Street. European girls and expensive drinks.
  • Las Vegas Go Go
    Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato), Beach Road.
  • Lek’s Classroom Go Go – was Classroom 2 A Go Go
    Soi 2, Second Road, (opposite Big C)
  • Legs Club – Closed June 2010
    Soi 13/4 (Soi Pattayaland 2), Beach Road.
  • Limmatquai 80 – Closed Jan 2010.
    Soi Diamond, Walking Street. – Ladyboy Go Go bar
  • Living Dolls Showcase -Walking Street.
    Central stage with impromptu shows. Bar is usually busy. Drinks prices above average. Worth a visit.
  • Lollipop A Go Go – Walking Street
    Central stage with play stage and jacuzzi at rear. Friendly staff. Good music.


  • Mandarin Club
    Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak), Beach Road.
  • Moulin Rouge
    Walking Street. Eastern European Girls, expensive drinks


  • Naughty Girls A Go Go – Soi Diamond, Pattaya
    Traditional go-go bar with centre stage. Generally quiet.
  • New Living Dolls One A Go Go – Walking Street
    opular bar with central stage. Under new ownership Aug 2009
  • New Star – Soi Diamond, Walking Street
    Small go-go bar with narrow centre stages. Lots of pressure to visit the bar, but generally quiet.
  • Nui’s Club A Go Go
    Soi 15, Walking Street
  • Nui’s Club 2 A Go Go -Walking Street
    Small bar with friendly girls, but generally few in number.


  • Obsessions – Ladyboy Go Go bar.
    Soi Pattayaland 2, (Penthouse hotel), Beach Road.
  • The Office Go-Go
    Soi LK Metro, connects Soi Diana and Soi Buakhao


  • Paradise A Go Go – Closed April 2010
    Soi Buakhao (south end). Parallel to 2nd Road.
  • Paris A Go Go Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
    Small go-go bar with central stage. Generally quiet.
  • Passion Dance Club
    Soi 6, Beach Road. Sister Club to Betty Boup Club.
  • Peppermint A Go-Go – Moved to new location downstairs.
    Walking Street. Marine Disco building. Opened June 2010.
    Large go-go bar. Always busy. Main stage plus side stage, dancing tables and cage with nude dancers. Worth a visit.
  • Playgirls A Go Go – Walking Street.
    Upstairs bar, with 3 stages, main stage, jacuzzi and stage for “bells and whistles” shows. Sometimes charge entry fee.
  • Pleasure Dome
    Walking Street. Above Candy Shop. Planned opening mid 2010.
  • Polo Entertainment – Closed Oct 2009
    Walking Street. Opened as Lady’s Shadow Club December 2009.
  • Popcorn Go Go Bar – Closed March 2009
    Pattayaland Soi 2, Beach Road. Location map.
  • Powers Club A Go-Go
    Walking Street. Above Champion Go-Go. opened March 2010


  • Rocket Club A Go Go – Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
    Upstairs bar. Centre stage plus Jacuzzi. Have recently added “bells and whistles” shows.
  • Rodeo Girls – Closed July 2010
    Soi Pattayaland 2, Beach Road. Just north of Walking Street.
  • Roxy A Go Go – Walking Street
    Middle size bar with impromptu erotic shows. Not a lot of attention from girls. Special on Chang beer.


  • Sakura Club 69 A Go Go – Soi 15, Walking Street.
    Medium sized bar. Central stage, jacuzzi.
  • Sapphire Club
    Soi 15, Walking Street. Opened May 2010.
  • Secrets – Hostess Bar and Hotel
    Soi 14, Walking Street.
  • The Sea A Go Go – Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
    Standard, smallish go-go bar, with centre stage. Generally quiet.
  • Sexy A Go Go Bar
    Soi 7, Beach Road.
  • Sexy Girls A Go Go Bar
    Soi 8, Beach Road.
  • Shark A Go Go – Soi Diamond, Walking Street, upstairs.
    Larger bar (formerly two bars) with entrance on Soi Diamond and Soi 15. Table dancing, friendly girls.
  • Silverstar A Go Go
    Soi 8, Beach Road
  • Silverstar 2 A Go Go
    Soi 7, Beach Road.
  • Silverstar 3 A Go Go – Walking Street.
    Lively bar with friendly staff. Usually busy. Make sure you get a seat in the main section, near the main stage, not the new section near the entrance to the bar, where it is long narrow and sometimes lonely!
  • Sin City – Covent Garden Complex
    Centre stage, cage and jacuzzi. Medium sized bar.
  • Sisterz – Closed Jan 2010
    Walking Street. – re-opened as Cavern A Go-Go
    popular bar. Lots of girls. Rotating main stage, impromptu shows on side stage, plus shower cage. New owners Aug 2009.
  • Smile Rock Girls A Go Go – Soi 15, Walking Street.
    Small bar, friendly staff, generally quiet.
  • Snow Ice Go Go – Closed Nov 2009.
    Walking Street, near Beach Road end. Opened Oct 2009.
  • Spicy Girls A Go Go – Closed Jan 2009
    Soi Pattayland 1, 2nd Road.
  • Stringfellows
    Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato), Beach Road. Ladyboy go-go bar.
  • Super Baby A Go Go Club – Soi Diamond, Walking Street. Opposite Super Girls.
    Larger bar, little customer interaction. “pick a number and go” style bar. If you like this style, it’s worth a visit.
  • Super Girls A Go Go Club – – Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
    Sister bar to Super Baby. Also a “pick a number and go” style bar. If you like this style, it’s worth a visit.
  • Sweethearts A Go Go – Walking Street
    Small bar with table dancing. Open door policy encourages tourists to step inside. Friendly staff. Owner welcomes you to the bar!


  • Tahitian Queen
    Beach Road. near Soi 13. – Re-opened May 2010.
  • Tahitian Queen 2 (TQ2) – Soi BJ, Walking Street.
    Small bar, features rock music, popular bar with regulars.
  • Teazers Coyote bar
    Walking Street, next to New Living Dolls One. Opened December 2009.
  • Tiger Lounge A Go Go Bar – Soi Diamond, Walking Street.
    Upstairs bar. Friendly girls, generally few in number.
  • Tim
    2nd Road, opposite Mike Shopping Mall. Large go-go bar with hotel.
  • Tramps A Go-Go – closed May 2010
    Soi Diamond, above Windmill Club.
  • Toyz A Go-Go – previously Catz A GoGo
    Soi 16, Walking Street, Covent Garden Complex


  • Utopia Go Go Bar – Re-opened October 2009
    Soho Square, Walking Street


  • Wanthana’s Dance Club – previously Betty Boup Dance Club
    Soi 6, Pattaya Beach Road.
  • We are No 1 A Go Go
    Thappraya Road, near Jomtien Beach.
  • What’s Up A Go Go – Soi 15, Walking Street.
    rger bar, popular, usually busy. Central stage, play area and jacuzzi. Good entertainment, beautiful girls. Above average drinks prices. High bar-fines. Worth a visit.
  • Windmill Club Go Go – Soi Diamond, Walking Street
    Raunchy, interactive go-go bar. Fun bar with several stages and jacuzzi. Lots of interaction. Usually busy. Worth a visit.
  • World Wide A Go Go
    Beach Road, Pattaya


  • Xzone A Go Go – Soi 16, Walking Street (Covent Garden)
    Large bar, centre stage plus play stage and Jacuzzi. Friendly girls.

Pattaya Go-Go Bar Recommendations

Providing recommendations for Pattaya go-go bars is not an easy task because many bars are managed inconsistently. Some of them are run more as hobbies than businesses. The girls often receive little training, or guidance on how to treat customers. As a result the ambience in a bar often depends more on individual girls than on the bar’s guidelines. Since there is often a regular turnover in staff at most bars, the atmosphere that you enjoyed in high season may have disappeared a few months later.

There are a few bar owners who are able to consistently recruit attractive girls. The hot girls are in the minority, so they tend to migrate to those bars where the working conditions are best. That tends to be the larger bars. All of the bars listed in the Pattaya Go-Go Bar Review are larger bars.

If you prefer smaller bars, then by all means check them out. There are some good ones. It’s just difficult to make a recommendation knowing that there is not much consistency from month to month.