One of a kind experience!

AngelWitch has some of the hottest girls around, but they also have the best shows in town. You will see night club shows of an international standard. Pattaya has many clubs and bars that have show girls who put on regular shows, but nothing compares to the shows at AngelWitch.

How do I find AngelWitch?

It’s on Soi 15, just off Walking Street, opposite Misty’s Club.

If you come to AngelWitch for the go go dancers, you will not be disappointed. Between the shows go go dancers descend onto the stage from the overhead gantry, sliding down the chrome poles.

They have gorgeous go go girls for your entertainment, some of the hottest girls in town, but AngelWitch is not just about go go dancers. It’s about their amazing shows, choreographed, sensual scenes with girls dressed in exotic costumes. You’ll see lots of couples and families in the audience, enjoying the spectacular shows.

I usually take a date with me, when I go to AngelWitch. Partly because Thai girls love to watch the shows, and partly because it saves me a bundle of money. If I go without a date, I usually fall for one of the showgirls and end up burning a hole in my wallet!

Shows every night starting at 10 pm. In high season, get there early, because it fills up fast!

Are the Drinks Over-Priced?.

I hear some complaints about the price of drinks at AngelWitch. But they have substantial overheads, besides costumes, they pay their staff competitive wages and their showgirls get a livable wage. Showgirls make Bt 18,000 per month. Enough to get by without being bar fined.

Drinks prices are higher than most go go bars, but lower than than at other high priced clubs in Pattaya, and way lower than you would pay for similar entertainment in international venues like Paris, Milan, London or New York. Remember there’s no entrance fee, no service charge, no requirement to buy snacks.

So if you’re asked to order another drink, smile and pay up, you’re getting great entertainment, and some of the best value for money on the planet.

Enjoy the show !!

Latest Update:

I have to confess to being a big fan of AngelWitch. It’s formula is different from other bars and clubs in town. There is, or at least a while back there was a high standard of performance, choreographed scenes in beautiful costumes that were as creative and artistic as they were erotic.

Those standards seem to have slipped a little in the last year. It’s still a great venue, one of the few venues in town where you can take a date and she’ll enjoy the show.

My last visit a month ago left me disappointed, with it’s reliance on formula baudy sketches that you could imagine seeing in any part of town, or even participate in at some of the raunchier clubs in town like Windmill and Babydolls. My date was bored. She sat through the sketches unimpressed and spent half the time checking her watch.

On my visit this week, the show seems to have been revitalised somewhat. We have some new comedy scenes, Tina Turner impersonations, acts with a live Python, and of course the statuesque Oi is on stage in many of the scenes, to impress us with her sensuality. Unfortunately, the lady with the acrobatic talents, who could swing between the steel poles with the skill of a trapeze artist, appears to be missing. Still lots of entertainment, and a show well worth watching.

My date this night loved the show, she smiled and laughed throughout the comedy acts and appreciated the beauty of the costumes and the talents of the show girls and actors. She watched in awe as the girls descended from the overhead gantry, sliding down the chrome poles.

We decided to stay for the next show and watched as the go-go girls descended onto the stage. The go-go dancers at AngelWitch are amongst the hottest on Walking Street. I guess I was staring at one of the go-go dancers longer than I should have been. My date put her hand on my pecker. She leaned towards me and said “I can see you like that girl!”. I just smiled, but omitted to tell her that cuddling up to a “9” was already having a significant impact on my libido.

Great entertainment, well worth a visit.

Beers are ฿150, soft drinks ฿125.

Angelwitch – Rock Dancers – Pattaya
Walkingstreet Soi 15, South Pattaya,
Pattaya, Thailand – 20150
Email: [email protected]