I left SuperBaby, wondering if I should check out SuperGirl on the opposite side of the street, when a very cute girl caught my eye. She had gorgeous long black hair, she was wearing a tight black dress and had the most beautiful long shapely legs. She was striding down Soi Diamond in a determined fashion. I followed behind wondering where she worked. She stopped outside the Windmill Club to talk to one of the welcome staff. As I approached, I realised it was my favourite hostess. I greeted her. She turned and as she recognised me, threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. Welcome to Windmill !

Windmill Club PattayaI stepped inside, and immediately felt like an uninvited guest at an orgy. Windmill re-defined raunchy and interactive some years ago, and most other clubs have been trying to catch up ever since. Well tonight Windmill was clearly way out in front again. This was friendly, raunchy and interactive like you have never seen before.

Girls were running around in various stages of undress offering any and all parts of their anatomy to anyone who was in the mood to interact. The place was packed and tonight everyone was interacting. For most of the time I was there, there were only a few girls on stage. Meanwhile, there were more than 20 girls creating their own kind of fun with guys in every part of the club. At one point some of the hostesses stripped off and got up on stage to make up the numbers.

The dance cycle at Windmill is only 4 songs, which is great when you are waiting for your honey to return for some more fun and games. Windmill doesn’t have the hottest girls on the street, but it does have the friendliest most fun girls you will find just about anywhere. At most other clubs, girls will introduce themselves by holding out their hand. At Windmill, the girls will approach you, pull aside their bra and offer one or both breasts for you to fondle, or else will approach butt first, skirt raised to engage in some rhythmic gyration. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

At around 2 am, several western couples wandered in, and sat down. After a few minutes in Windmill, even the stern looking elderly matrons were smiling from ear to ear. The Windmill vibe is infectious and irresistible. Once you’re inside the club, all this debauchery seems like the most natural thing in the world. If you’re feeling inhibited or a little stressed step inside Windmill for an instant cure!

Windmill has draught beer at ฿75. The best value for money in town, considering the entertainment! Lady drinks are ฿120.

The Windmill Club
29/79, Moo 10, Soi Diamond, Chonburi
Pattaya, Thailand
Tel: +66 800168499