There are more than 100 open air beer bars in the Pattaya Walking Street area, and several air-conditioned beer bars, otherwise known as hostess bars, including the Freelancer Bar (FLB) on Walking Street and Secrets Bar on Soi 14.

Check out some of the larger beer bars like Simon Beer Bar complex, the Frog, one of the Hot Tuna bars and the Siren Beer Bar complex at the south end of Beach Road where Walking Street begins.

Some of the open-air beer bars have live music like Candy Shop, opposite Soi Diamond and Utopia Lounge in Soho Square at the south end of Walking Street.

There are also a couple of ladyboy bars on Walking Street: Jenny Star Bar and close by there is Linda on the same side of the street.

The beer bars in Walking Street have to compete with the go-go bars and dance clubs. They don’t offer a lot of action, but they are friendly places to hang out. Check them out when you need a break from your go-go bar tour.