Great places to enjoy your drinks and meet cute girls.

Pattaya has more beer bars than you can imagine. You will find them on just about every street in Pattaya. Just walk along Beach Road or 2nd Road and the Soi (alleys) that run between them, and you will see beer bars of all kinds. One of the main attractions of Pattaya beer bars are the Pattaya Girls who work there. They will entertain you and if you enjoy their company, you can invite them to spend some time with you.

So what should you expect at a beer bar? Great beer of course, and good company. Some bars offer pool and other games, or big screen TV to watch a current sporting event. If you came to meet your friends, enjoy the day. If you came to meet a Pattaya girl, there are lots of charming, attractive girls who would like to make your acquaintance.

Beer bars generally charge less for drinks than go-go bars, as their overheads are lower. Also their bar-fines are lower. You can hang out with a girl at the bar or if you want to leave with one of the girls, you will have to pay a bar fine to the bar. More about bar fines

Open Air Beer Bars

A beer bar in Pattaya is generally an open-air bar, where you can sit and drink, and talk to the girls, perhaps play some pool (snooker).

The open-air beer bars have different characteristics depending on whether it’s an older style where the bar is enclosed, and the girls stay on their side of the bar, or whether it’s a newer, more open design, where the girls can move around the bar or go into the street to greet people passing by and persuade them to come into the bar for a drink.

If the bar is an enclosed style, the girls will generally stay and chat to you, and perhaps offer to play a game with you. There is less pressure to buy ladies drinks. In the open design, one or two girls will stop and chat to you. If you don’t show a lot of interest or don’t offer to buy them a drink, they move on fairly quickly. Usually, they stand at the front of the bar encouraging the folks walking by, to come into the bar.

If you want to be in the thick of beer bars then cruise Soi 7 and Soi 8 between Beach Road and Second road, There are open-air beer bars on each side of these narrow alleys. Girls spill onto the street and create a crowd which can become a wall of girls, all vying for your attention. So expect to be persuaded with every talent and technique the girls know. This can be a lot of fun if you have no particular place to go or one of the girls has caught your eye.

Short Time Bars

There’s another style of beer bar. The short time bar. It’s enclosed, has doors, windows, and air-conditioning like a go-go bar. Like go-go bars, they do this for privacy. You don’t see many of them in Pattaya. But you’ll see lots of them in Soi 6.

Soi 6 is just north of Pattaya Central Road. It’s another favourite venue for beer bar buffs, and is known for its short time bars. The difference is that girls sit outside the bar and invite you to step inside for a drink and maybe spend a short time with them in one of the short time rooms!

Walking Street Beer Bars

There are more than 100 open-air beer bars in the Walking Street area. The beer bars in Walking Street have to compete with the go-go bars and dance clubs. While there’s less action in the beer bars, they are always friendly places to stop for a chat and a drink.

The Walking Street area also has several air-conditioned beer bars, otherwise known as hostess bars, including the Freelancer Bar (FLB) on Walking Street and Secrets bar on Soi 14. Check them out when you need a break from your go-go bar tour!