Cheap, convenient transport 24 hours a day in Pattaya!

The Pattaya Baht Bus or Songthaew is a covered, dark blue pickup truck with open sides and seats along each side. There are hundreds of baht buses in Pattaya and they run 24 hours a day. So you never have to wait long for the next one.

Just flag down any moving baht bus by waving your hand, palm-downwards (palm-upwards is not polite in Asia). Climb in the back when it stops. Locate the buzzer nearest you. To get off, press the buzzer on the roof, and wait for the driver to stop. The taxi driver will stop just about anywhere. Watch out for passing traffic on both sides of the taxi!

If the driver takes a turn and goes the “wrong way”, just hop off and get on another going in your direction. Pay another 10 baht – that’s the way it is in Pattaya. It’s still bargain and cheaper than a motorcycle taxi!

Baht Bus Fare

Standard fare in Pattaya is Bt 10.

Try to have the exact fare or a Bt 20 note. If you give the driver a larger bill, he may not have change.

A baht bus can be hired for a specific destination, for example to go to a hotel, club or restaurant. Make sure you agree on the fare before you get on the taxi.

It’s best not to get into a baht bus that is parked, and empty. If you see a baht bus parked in a strategic location, like near a shopping mall, hotel, or on a street corner, think of this as a taxi for hire. If the driver asks where you are going, he will be expecting a higher fare. He might also try to persuade you to go somewhere where he will get a commission, like a show or a massage parlour.

If the baht bus is queued, like at the corner of 2nd Road and South Pattaya Road, he will wait until the baht bus is full before leaving. The standard fare for these rides is also Bt 10.

Pattaya Blue Baht Bus Routes


Taxis / Song-taews / Baht Bus Routes

Pattaya – The main route through Pattaya is a circular route – north along Pattaya 2nd Road to the Dolphin Roundabout, then south along Beach Road, until they reach Walking Street, where they turn left onto South Pattaya Road (Pattaya Tai)

Jomtien – baht bus is dark blue with white band across the lower part of the body. Also Jomtien buses wait on 2nd Road, near the corner with South Pattaya Road, outside the Muang Pattaya 8 School.

Naklua – some buses going north will continue to Naklua, past the Dolphin Roundabout. Otherwise, wait at the start of Naklua Road, for the next baht bus going north.

Sukhumvit – buses head east to Sukhumvit along the three main roads: North Pattaya Road (Pattaya Nuea) Central Pattaya Road (Pattaya Klang) and South Pattaya Road (Pattaya Tai).