Thai Massage in PattayaIn Pattaya you will find various forms of massage. From traditional Thai massage to body massage and other forms of body contact that give pleasure but have little connection with massage! You might be keen to experience several types of massage while you are here in Pattaya. So here is a brief review of the various forms and where you can find them.

Experience the Thai Traditional Massage in Pattaya

Traditional Thai massage is based on ancient medicine and provides relaxation, healthy blood circulation, and an overall manipulation of the physical structure of the body. Known in Thailand as traditional massage or ancient massage, Thai massage is quite different from western massage, which focuses on tissue manipulation and the working of the muscles and joints. Thai massage works on the body’s energy lines, pressure points and basic body forces. Together these produce a highly therapeutic effect.

Traditional Thai massage has its roots in the ancient medicine of Indian Ayurvedic practice. These methods methods originally developed by Buddhist monks almost 2000 years ago. There are also some elements of Yoga in the body positions and the stretching movements that are part of Thai massage. A key aspect of Thai massage is that it is performed on a mat, on the floor, rather than on a raised table. Mat work allows for more effective use of the masseuse’s body weight, rather than muscular force used in other types of massage.

A traditional Thai massage is an intense and invigorating experience, involving muscle therapy. A massage session typically lasts from one to two hours, and will ease all the aches and pains you suffer from sport activities, long travel journeys and general stress. This is an experience you should certainly consider if you would like a relaxing experience when you are feeling tired or stressed.

Thai Traditional Massage involves vigorous treatment of the major muscle groups of the body. The masseuse uses hand pressure and her body weight to apply force to specific pressure points in order to re-align energy lines in the body. This therapeutic session can take up to two hours and can be rather uncomfortable at times, but leaves you feeling very relaxed.

Oil Massage is gentler than Thai massage and involves deep muscle tissue treatment using specially blended therapeutic oils. While this may leave you a little oily afterwards, this type of massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Foot Massage

Foot massage targets the internal organs of the body through manipulation of pressure points on the soles of your feet in a similar way to reflexology. This is another skill that has been practiced for hundreds of years. You can expect a foot massage to produce a relaxing effect on your whole body. You will find foot massages offered on the beach as well as at a spa or massage shop.

Sen Energy Points

Thai massage primarily concentrates on 10 energy points in the body, known as ‘sen’, though there are over 70,000 recorded sen in all. It differs from other forms of massage in that there is a focused spiritual aspect involved, and most properly trained masseuses will say a short prayer before commencing in order to focus their own energy on your body.

Some aspects of yoga are incorporated in the massage, bending and twisting the torso to ‘reset’ the muscular-skeletal position. The procedure is a slow and deliberate one, with attention given to each muscle group. most muscular. The application of pressure can be quite uncomfortable especially if your muscles are tense or sore. The masseuse will usually ask you if you prefer softer or harder massage.

Thai Massage Shops in Pattaya

A Thai massage in Pattaya will cost about 200 baht an hour and a foot or oil massage costs about 300 baht an hour. On the beach, prices are negotiable. Prices are around are around 200 to 300 baht for an experienced masseuse, although you might be quoted a higher price to begin with.

There are plenty of massage shops to choose from in Pattaya. Some of the more popular shops are listed below. Traditional Thai massage shops will often have the massage certificates displayed on the wall to show the masseuses have received full training.

Anong Thai Massage
30/2-3, Moo 10, Near Soi Valida,
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260
Tel: +66 38 423 049

Massages costs Bt 200 – Bt 250
Offer Traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, and foot reflexology

Pha’s Original Thai Massage
144/99, Thappraya Road,
Banglamung, Chonburi
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260
Tel: +66 38 250 591
Mobile: +66 81 073 1529

Massages costs Bt 200 – Bt 300
Offer foot massage, oil massage and facial treatment services

Jiktana Physical Massage
94/ 10-11 Moo 10 Soi, Chonburi
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260
Tel: +66 38 429 765, 424-424, 723-062/3

Massages costs Bt 200 – Bt 250

Thai Blind Massage Institute (T.B.M.I.)
413/89, Jomtien Complex, Tap Phraya Rd,
Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260
Tel: +66 38 251 851, 38 251 547

Massages costs Bt 150 – Bt 300

There are several Thai massage shops on South Pattaya Road, between Beach Road and 2nd Road. They generally charge about 200 baht for Thai massage, 200 baht for foot massage and 300 baht per hour for oil massage. Face, hand or head massage will also cost around 300 baht for an hour.

Most open at around 10.00 am and close at 12.00 midnight.

Thai Body Massage

A body massage has come to mean something quite different from a traditional Thai massage. Also known as body-to-body massage. Your masseuse uses not just her hands and arms, but all parts of her body to provide satisfaction and relief to all parts of your body. Your body is massaged with oils or soap (see Soapy Massage), and you can specify the additional services you would like, depending on how passive or involved you want to be in the evenings activities. Options include hand relief, blow job, full service and happy ending.

When you enter the massage parlour you will be shown to a table, where you can see rows of beautiful silk-clad Thai girls seated behind a panoramic glass window, know as the goldfish bowl. You relax with a drink while you choose a girl to give you her version of the Pattaya body massage. The ladies usually have numbered badges on their dresses, and a manager (manasan or papasan) is always around to assist you with selecting the lady of your choice.

In some massage parlours, you may have a drink and chat with a girl before making your final choice. In other places (catering mainly to Asian tourists), you can’t. After making your choice, your massage girl will take you to a private air-conditioned room (some are equipped with private bathrooms). Following the usual shower, you can lie back on the bed, relax, and experience your body-to-body massage resulting in full sensual relief. Usually a complete body massage session lasts around 60 – 90 minutes.

Some massage parlours grade their girls, charging a set fee for the regular girls and a higher fee for the “sideliners” or “models”. Prices for body massage start at roughly Bt 1,600, up to around Bt 2,500 for “sideliners”.

Dream Teen Massage

Dream Teen Massage located on Soi 21, off Soi Buakhao, Pattaya offer massage services by beautiful young women who are specially trained to give you personalized massage. You have the choice of a slow relaxing massage or a sensual stimulating massage.

All massages are provided in private rooms each equipped with its own showers. Dream Teen have seven rooms all with their own Spa bath and private bathroom.

If you do not have the time to visit Dream Teen, they will send a masseuse to visit you in your hotel room, to provide a massage in the privacy of your own room.

Services and Prices

Prices range from Bt 400 for 1 hour massage to Bt 1,500 for a 2 hour massage with 2 ladies in a suite with king size bed and jacuzzi.

Gentleman Corner Spa Massage
3rd Road, Near Nua Road,
North Pattaya.

Massages costs Bt 950 – Bt 1400
Offer All Massages

Susie Massage
Pattaya Beach Road (corner of Soi 4), Pattaya.
Tel: +66 38 428 916

Soapy Massage

The soapy is a Thai tradition that is a sensual treat for single men. This is a variation on body massage involving a bath tub and lots of soap. If you have not experienced a Thai body massage, then get ready for the experience of a lifetime. A soapy is probably one of the most enjoyable couple of hours you can spend in Pattaya. You are pampered like a king, undressed, immersed in a large double bath of warm water. An angel gets in beside you and washes you from head to toe with her body. There’s lots of lather, bubbles and happy feelings. You feel like you are in heaven. These nymphs will usually do anything for you. Your soapy time will definitely finish with a happy ending.

Here are some of the more popular soapies in Pattaya:

VIP Massage
Moo 10 Soi Diamond, Walking Street,
Bang Lamung, Chonburi,
Pattaya, Thailand – 20150

Massage is available at VIP Massage or in your own room.

Sabai Dee
Soi 2, Beach Road, (opposite Big C),
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260

Massages costs Bt 1700
The biggest massage parlour in Pattaya.

Soi 3, Beach Road, (opposite Big C),
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260

Sabai Room
Chonburi, 2nd Road, Next to Big C
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260