Let the water fights begin

If you enjoy water fights, you’ll love Songkran. This is no ordinary event. Songkran officially lasts for 3 days (13th April – 15th April) and marks the Thai Traditional New Year and Water Festival. It’s also observed in Burma, Cambodia and the Lao State.

Songkran is a Sanskrit word meaning entry of the sun into a sign of the Zodiac. The Songkran festival is celebrated when the sun enters the sign of Aries, the Ram. Its also known as Maha Songkran or Major Songkran.

Hottest Month of the Year

April is the hottest month of the year and marks the beginning of the hot, rainy season. Traditionally, Thai people celebrate Songkran by sprinkling or throwing water at one another. What used to be a gentle and friendly occasion has become a non-stop water fight with custom made water canon and hand held water guns fueled by back pack water reservoirs.

Water Fights

Local girls load up with pocket size pistols. These are no match for full size water guns. Two small pistols are out-gunned by a water gun! Back-pack water tanks eliminate those critical reloading pauses when your weapon is dry!

Motorcyclists are prime targets, they have no protection. This girl gets no help from her friend riding shotgun! Her passenger gets soaked!

During Songkran, the mob is in control of the roads and motorcyclists are asked to slow down, so they can ensure that every dry part of your clothing gets soaked!

It’s near impossible to go out during Songkran without getting wet. Afternoons are the wettest. The revellers have woken up from their late nights, and kids are home from school. Even after midnight, you can expect an exuberant water gun owner to soak you, whether in your best attire or beach wear. You might be able to sneak out in the early morning to go get some groceries, but there will probably be some enthusiastic reveller who doesn’t sleep, or kids taking a day off from school ready and eager to soak you with their buckets and water fire power.

So if you come to Thailand in April leave your favourite clothes at home, buy some Songkran floral outfits when you arrive and come prepared to be wet most of the day!