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I was watching that scene at the start of the Oscar award ceremonies the other day. You know that scene where the stars arrive in their impressive and immaculate outfits. Ya, I am talking about the gorgeous women of Hollywood. I watched for a few minutes, thinking these girls are beautiful. But then I thought, wait a minute, I know a dozen girls just as gorgeous and probably just as much fun, right here in Pattaya.

You can keep your intense Los Angeles lifestyle. It’s a terrific place to live, but man it’s hectic! I prefer Pattaya, laid back, fun, friendly, safe, great weather and a seemingly limitless supply of beautiful women.

Imagine a place where

  • you can visualize the woman of your dreams,
  • where women travel to, so they can meet a guy like you.
  • where you can find a woman who is in a regular job and wants to meet a western guy for a western style relationship of equals, or
  • perhaps a woman who is looking for a guy to support her in a more traditional long term relationship, or
  • maybe a woman who will offer you love for rent, who will be your friend, and lover during your stay here, and will make you believe this is the greatest time of her life, she doesn’t want it to end.

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Welcome to Pattaya !!

That’s the attraction. What’s the reality?

You have read the forums and heard stories about ladies in Pattaya waiting to con you, interested in your money but not in you, and who will take every opportunity to take your money.

What is really going on here? Is Pattaya just one big circus and you are the paying customer, just another sucker, to be separated from his money, and be sent home, with bitter sweet memories of an encounter that seemed like a dream but ended up like a nightmare?

Welcome to my comprehensive guide to Pattaya Girls !!

I will give you an insight into the girls who live here in Pattaya, their hopes, their dreams, and their aspirations, to help you steer your way through the opportunities and the challenges, to help you find the girl of your dreams and to help you make your relationship work.

This is the first step on a journey that can change your life.

If you’ve been to Pattaya before, hopefully I can add to your understanding of what goes on in this town. If you’ve never been here before, you will find this guide indispensable.

  • Pattaya – why Visitors come here, why Thai Girls come here
    • Background
    • Terminology
    • Pay for play
  • Thai culture and western culture
    • Thai culture
    • Self Image
    • Personal space, politeness, safety
    • The Wai
    • Understanding other Cultures
    • Morality
    • Pay for Play and Western Values
  • Meeting Thai Girls
    • How do you meet a Thai girl
    • On-line dating services
    • Bars and Night Clubs
    • At the Beach
    • At shopping malls
    • Taxis
    • Independent Girls
    • Business and Social Contacts
  • Understanding your Needs in a Relationship
    • Understanding what You have to offer a Thai girl
  • Thai girls – Understand their Needs, their Desires, their Ambitions
    • What makes Thai girls tick
    • Bar Girls – Do they really make lots of Money?
    • The Pattaya Social Hierarchy
    • Money Management Skills
    • Family Values
    • Coping with Life’s Pressures
  • Relationships – why are they so complicated ?
    • Relationship Loving Styles
    • Are you hoping to Rescue your Thai girl?
  • Enjoy your stay in Pattaya

Pattaya Girls will delight you, astound you and confuse you.

Pattaya girls are fun loving, beautiful, and mysterious. These girls come to Pattaya from all parts of Thailand to meet western men.

Whether you are intrigued by Asian mystique, are here for a holiday romance, or are looking for a long term relationship, you have come to the most exciting place to meet Thai girls. Here you will find charming girls with a fun loving demeanour that is infectious.

There are estimated to be around 40,000 girls in the pay for play(Sex) industry in Pattaya. But there are a lot more who are here to work in regular jobs. Many of these girls are also looking for a relationship with a farang (Foreigner).

So whether you are looking for a girl in regular employment or a girl who works in the pay for play zone, there’s no better place to meet a Thai girl than in Pattaya.

Pattaya girls make great partners because they are considerate and fun loving. Two of the major characteristics of Thai culture are a respect for others, and a lifestyle of “sanuk”, which means to have a good time, to enjoy oneself, and to derive pleasure from some activity.

Thai women respect a man’s status, power and masculinity. Some western men in Thailand, compare it to feeling like a rock star, with women pursuing them wherever they go, not just in bars, but in shopping malls, at restaurants, even just walking down the street!

Girls with Regular Jobs

Many girls in regular jobs come to Pattaya in order to meet western men. There is an attraction to western men, because they are perceived as being better educated, more affluent, more caring and considerate in their attitude towards women.

Pale skin is a status symbol in Thailand. Watch Thai television and you will see presenters and the stars of TV series all have pale skins.

Pattaya Beach Girls

Thai girls love the beach as much as anyone. At the weekend, you’ll often find Thai girls hanging out at the beach with their friends.

They came to have fun, and they are all approachable. Just remember to be polite and charming. If you get the opportunity to be generous then you will be appreciated for it.

Don’t be concerned if there are Thai men there as well. They will be polite. It’s up to you to make the connection!

Meeting Pattaya Girls Online

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If you want to meet a Thai girl before you come to Thailand, there are a number of good online contact services, like ThaiLoveLinks, ThaiLoveLines or ThaiKisses. You can search by city, by age, by education level, or personal habits, like drinking and smoking.

These services offer the opportunity to meet regular Thai girls and the ability to chat to them online before you get to Thailand. So that once you get here you have a number of friends you can meet.

Pay for Play

Pattaya girls in the pay for play zone may have a bad reputation. You might have heard that they are predators waiting to deceive you and trick out of your money. While they are driven by financial need, you will find they are generally honest and sincere. It is part of the Thai culture to be respectful to others.

While some girls may expect to be taken care of, and do little in return, most of them are hard working and would like to meet a man who will help them improve their standard of living. You will also find some girls who are financially savvy, or those who are funding their studies and pay for play is just a stepping stone to a better life.

For more information on where to meet Pattaya girls check out the Pattaya nightlife page.

Ladyboys (katoeys)

You will find an abundance of ladyboys in Pattaya. You are most likely to see them on Walking Street, or on Beach Road in the evening. You will also find them in the gay areas of town.

You don’t need to be an expert to identify a ladyboy. In fact, even the experts are fooled sometimes! Generally, ladyboys hang out together, and if there’s a bunch of them, it’s usually obvious immediately which gender they are.

Some of them do go to great lengths to disguise their masculinity, so if you are in any doubt, just ask the question “You boy, you girl?”. If you want to be more discreet, you can ask the question, “Are you 100% girl?”. They will tell you right away. If it’s a boy, you can just say, “Have a nice evening”, smile and go on your way.