If you need to make a hotel booking or speak to a friend in Thailand, how do you call?

Phone Call to Thailand

Calling international is a little more complex than a local call as there are two additional code to be dialed.

First is the international dialing code for your own country to get an international phone line. For most countries this is “00” but if you’re calling from Canada, USA, Australia Russia or Japan the code is different.

Second is the country code of the country you’re calling. Thailand’s country code is “66”.

Thailand Phone Numbers

Regular phones (land lines) in Thailand are 9 digit numbers with a leading zero. Pattaya phone numbers begin 038.

Here’s some useful Pattaya phone numbers:

Mobile phones in Thailand are 10 digit numbers and begin 08.
The local number for PT taxi service is 085.444.9035.

Phoning from UK

The international dialing code in the UK is 00. The local number for the
Hard Rock Hotel on Beach Road is 038.428.755.

When you’re calling international, drop the zero at the beginning, and add the international code plus the country code.

If you’re phoning the Hard Rock Hotel, Pattaya from London, or anywhere in the UK, this is the number to enter:

Calling Thailand from USA or Canada

The international dialing code in the USA and Canada is 011. The local number for Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is 038.259.999. If you’re calling the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya from Miami or from Toronto, then enter this number:

Time Difference

Remember to take the time difference into account when you call.

Most western countries have daylight saving in summer, and the clock goes forward one hour. There is no daylight saving in most Asian, African and South America countries.

When it’s 9 pm (21:00) in Pattaya, these are the times in major centres:

Most countries in Western Europe use Central European Time (CET),
including France, Germany, Italy, Spain.