Ladyboys are a regular feature of the nightlife scene in Pattaya. Ladyboys or katoeys are accepted in Thai society. They are known as the “third sex” in Thailand.

A katoey is a man who has undergone a transgender operation to become a woman. Ladyboy is a general term that includes men who dress as women and generally think of themselves as women.

You will find ladyboys all over town. You are most likely to see them on Walking Street, or on Beach Road in the evening. The ladyboys on Walking Street are the most outgoing.

They hang out mainly in the bars just south of Marine disco. You can chat with them or just smile and pass them by.

You will find the ladyboys on Beach Road much more discreet. Certainly early on in the evening. They hang out mainly on the beach side of the road in the area between Royal Garden Plaza and Mike’s Shopping Mall. There are stories of them becoming more aggressive late at night (make that 2 or 3 am!) after several drinks. So be cautious!

How to Recognise a Ladyboy

You do need to be an expert to identify a ladyboy. In fact, even Thai girls are fooled sometimes! Generally, ladyboys hang out together, and if there is a bunch of them, it’s usually obvious immediately which gender they are.

Some of them do go to great lengths to disguise their masculinity. However, if a girl looks a little too tall, or walks with too much of a wiggle, or has a voice that’s a little too deep or maybe a little too high pitched, then you should take a look at her hands and, of course, check to see if she has an Adam’s apple.

If you are still not sure, just ask the question, “You boy, you girl?”. If you want to be more discreet, you can ask the question “Are you 100% lady?”.

They will tell you right away. If it’s not a girl, you can just say, “Have a nice evening”, smile and go on your way.

If you’re on Walking Street in the evening, look out for the amazing Emma. Probably the most well known ladyboy in Pattaya. She usually hangs out in front of the Lucky Star bar, opposite the Marine Disco. Go chat to her, she can be very friendly, but ask her permission if you want take her photo!

Ladyboy Beer Bars

On Walking Street there is Jenny Star Bar, (the sign has been removed) at the entrance to Marine Disco and close by there is Linda on the same side of the street.

La Bamba bar

La Bamba bar on Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) is a popular meeting point for Ladyboys.


On Soi BJ, just off Walking Street, there’s EZY bar.

On Soi Buakhao, there’s Pook Swan House, Restaurant and Bar

Soi 6 LadyBoy Bars

There’s Hi Boss Pub on Soi 6.

Some bars on Soi 6 have a mix of girls and ladyboys:

Good Fellas
Roxy Club
So What Bar
Up To You.

Tornado bar on Soi 6 is no longer a ladyboy bar.

Ladyboy Go-Go Bars

You’ll find a few ladyboy go-go bars in various parts of town:
Pook Bar on Soi 6, Stringfellows on Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) and Obsessions on Soi Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4) at the Penthouse Hotel.

There are a number of go-go bars that have a mix of girls and ladyboys:

Cat’s Place A Go-Go on Soi Day-Night, one block south of Tukcom, off Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya Road).

Kitten Club on Soi Pattayland 2, next to Penthouse Hotel (Soi 13/4).

Pook Bar Ladyboys, Soi 6

Miss International Queen Competition

Tiffany’s (see Tiffany’s Cabaret Show) holds the Miss International Queen competition each year. It’s different from most other beauty contests. This one’s a beauty pageant for transvestites and transsexuals. The contestants for this competition have to be born male!

Book: Thailand Confidential

Jerry Hopkins’ book Thailand Confidential is a collection of stories about unusual and bizarre events in Thailand.

It includes a description of a sex change operation performed in a Bangkok hospital. An excellent book. Well worth reading.