Pattaya Hotels range from premium to mid-price to budget. Every kind of hotel you could wish for. If you are not familiar with Pattaya the choice can be a little confusing.

The first thing to decide is which part of town you want to stay in. What are your priorities? Are you here to enjoy the nightlife, do you want to be near the beach, are you a single guy or is this a family vacation?

Closer to Nightlife

Many of the premium hotels are located on Beach Road in North Pattaya. These hotels have great sea views and access to a beach which is fairly quiet, and has limited activities available. You are a short walk to the beer bars along the South Pattaya section of Beach Road – south of Pattaya Central Road (Pattaya Klang) – and a short taxi ride away from the main nightlife area on Walking Street at the southern end of Beach Road.

For those of you who like quality hotels and want easy access to the nightlife but enjoy a little peace and quiet during the day, this is a great location. There are also some great serviced apartments on Beach Road.

Budget Hotels

If a sea view and immediate access to the beach are not a priority then there are some quality hotels in the mid price range along Second Road, which runs parallel to Beach Road. Here you have a 5 min walk to the beach and have easy access to the Walking Street nightlife area.

If you are looking for a budget hotel, Second Road has a selection. Many budget hotels offer good quality with basic facilities at a great price. Check the Pattaya Second Road Hotels page.

If you want to be really close to the nightlife, literally steps away, there’s a bunch of mid-price and budget hotels in the Walking Street area. A couple of go-go bars have hotels adjoining them, like Heaven Above and Secrets. So if night life is your scene, you can’t get closer than this! See Pattaya Walking Street area hotels

Closer to Shopping

The major Pattaya shopping malls are located on the South Pattaya section of Beach Road. The malls take up a whole block so you can also enter from Second Road. You will also find smaller stores that sell locally produced goods, clothes, games. If you’re a shopaholic, then Beach Road is a great place to stay. See Pattaya Beach Road Hotels

Second Road has several smaller shopping malls, based around grocery stores, including the Avenue mall, and the Big C shopping centre, near the corner with Soi 3.

The other popular grocery supermarkets are Tesco on Pattaya North Road (Pattaya Nuea), and Tops, Foodland and Carrefour on Pattaya Central Road (Pattaya Klang).

Near Jomtien Beach

If you like a great beach with lots of activities, that’s close to good restaurants, then Jomtien is a good choice, especially for family vacations. Jomtien offers a choice of great mid-range and budget hotels. It is further away from the Walking Street nightlife area, about a 10 min taxi ride. Jomtien does have it’s own nightlife, but it’s low key compared to the Walking Street area.

Jomtien has more of a traditional seaside feel to it, with more hotels and restaurants, than bars and nightclubs along the beach front. It is the only Pattaya beach with easy access and good parking facilities, so the beach can get quite busy, especially at the weekend. Jomtien beach is 6km long so you can always find a spot on the beach and a place to park! See Jomtien hotels

Near Quiet Secluded Beaches

If you are looking for a quieter, more secluded beach, then choose Naklua or the Pattaya cliff area. The secluded beaches are more difficult to reach. Generally, there is no regular taxi service that will take you there. Rent a motorcycle, take a motorcycle taxi, or call one of the local taxi services to get you there. It’s worth the extra planning.

In Pattaya Cliff Area

The Pattaya cliff area is an area around the point that juts out into the Pattaya bay. It’s location gives it great views. Most tourists never see this area because you need to turn off the main route between Pattaya and Jomtien to get there.

If you are looking for a little haven with magnificent bay views and a quiet beach area, if you are more interested in a quiet, secluded hotel location than being close to the nightlife area of Walking Street, then take a look at the hotels in the cliff area.

There are some excellent hotels in this area from the prestigious Royal Cliff Beach Hotel to quality, well located, smaller hotels like Golden Cliff Hotel, Cosy Beach Hotel, or Island View Hotel.

In Naklua and Wong Amat Beach Area

Naklua has some of the most interesting beaches in Pattaya. Lots of rock formations to scramble over, secluded bays to enjoy, and good views of the nearby islands. Naklua is just north of the Pattaya beach area. The main taxi route through Naklua continues down along the Pattaya Beach Road, so you have easy access to the Beach Road beer bars, the shopping areas and the Walking Street nightlife area. Hotels in Nakula include a good selection of mid-price and budget hotels.

Other Hotels

If your activities take you away from the beach and the nightlife areas, there is a choice of hotels further out of town on 3rd Road and on Sukhumvit, the main road linking coastal towns. These areas are quite a bit further from the beach and Walking Street nightlife area. You may need to take two baht bus taxis (Songthaew) to get there. Travel time may be 15 – 20 mins depending on location.