Where you can meet Pattaya’s Beautiful Girls.

Pattaya has around 80 go go bars. Check out the complete list of go go bars page. You can meet beautiful girls and have lots of fun at most of these bars, so how do you choose which Pattaya go go bars to visit? If you need a short list, check out the Pattaya Top 10 Go Go Bars Review page.

The Walking Street area, including adjacent side streets (soi) has more than 50 go-go bars. So this is a good place to begin your evening. Soi Diamond has more go go bars than any other soi, so why not head over there to start your tour of go go bars!

The other go-go bars are scattered around various parts of Pattaya, like Soi Yodsak (Soi 6), PattayaLand, Soi Buakhao, and Jomtien.

Choose your Go Go Bar Style: look don’t touch, traditional or raunchy

Pattaya go-go bars have styles that vary from look don’t touch, maybe not even any eye contact, known as “pick a number and go”, to a more traditional style, with a relaxed and friendly environment, in which girls will come sit with you, and chat to you. Some bars have more raunchy activities, like a bathtub or Jacuzzi where girls act out certain fantasies and often invite guys to join in with their sensual activities! Check out a couple of go-go bars and see which style meets your preference.

Meeting the Girls

Pattaya go-go bars are great places to hang out, have a drink, and be entertained by beautiful girls. If you see a girl you like, tell one of the service girls you would like to buy her a drink. She will come sit with you and chat to you until she has finished her drink. The girls rotate on the dance floor, so your girl will get up to dance when it is her turn. But she will return to sit with you, if you would like to keep chatting and buying her drinks.

There is no commitment to take this any further, if you decide you want move on. You will only be charged for the drinks you have bought. The days of being charged for companionship, are gone. There is so much competition amongst Pattaya go-go bars that you can expect fair treatment. It is always a good idea to check your tab, after you have ordered drinks. It will be placed in a cup in front of you.

Taking a Girl out of the Bar

If you are attracted to your go-go dancer, and would like to spend the evening with her, let her know you would like to bar-fine her. Bar-fines vary from Bt 300 to Bt 1000 depending on the girl and the time of night. This money goes to the bar, to pay for overheads and the girls wages.

How much should you pay?

You will also pay for the girls time. She will ask you short-time or long-time? If you would like her to stay with you for only an hour or so, that’s short time. Long time is an overnight stay. But you should confirm this. About this time many guys find they are falling for their girl, and don’t want to spoil the “girl friend effect” so they avoid discussing payment. Some girls will complicate things by saying “up to you”. It’s generally best to agree on a price before you leave the bar, to avoid any misunderstanding later.

Typical short time rate is Bt 1000, long time rate is Bt 2000 for a dancer. Rates for showgirls are typically higher. I have been quoted Bt 3000 short time and Bt 5000 long time for a showgirl at AngelWitch !!

If the girl is new, then the mamasang will probably talk to you and try to talk up the prices. Check with the girl herself.

Centre Stage or Table dancing

Most bars have a centre stage, with chrome poles where the girls dance, and gyrate to catch your attention. Some bars have small drinks tables around the room with chrome poles. The girls take turns dancing at these tables, right next to you and your drink. This setup sounds like a great idea, but turns out to be a bit clumsy and awkward. You can’t look the girl in the eye, as her eyes are 4 feet above yours. You find yourself staring at her legs, if you look up, you may be staring up her dress! If you check around, you find most guys checking out girls on other tables or on the centre stage. There are a number of popular clubs that have table dancing, so if this is your style, then check them out.

Bath tubs, showers and Jacuzzis

Many of the larger go-go bars now have a play section with a water feature. The girls can act out their fantasies and will often invite customers to join them in their sensual activities. These bars are generally a lot of fun. Just watching or interacting with these girls offers an appealing distraction from the dancers on centre stage.

Bells and Whistles show

Some of the bars offer shows featuring girls with remarkable skills. Also called Pussy Shows or Balloon Dart Shows, the girls perform feats with various parts of their anatomy that you never thought possible till you came to Thailand! The girls may propel objects at customers, blow whistles, smoke cigarettes, shoot darts at balloons, or shoot a ping pong ball into your drink. These shows are normally targeted at tour groups. If you have not seen one and are curious, go check one out. You just have to wander down Walking Street any night of the week, and you will be approached with an offer to go see one of these shows.

Finding a Good Pattaya Go-Go Bar

If you want a complete list of go-go bars in the Pattaya area, check out our Pattaya go-go bar list. The largest selection of go-go bars is in the Walking Street area. Decide on the style that interests you and go check out a few.

There’s a lot of competition between go-go bars these days, so you can expect fair treatment and good service at most of them. If the bar doesn’t meet your standards then drink up and move on! Most bars will let you walk in and take a look without obligation. If you don’t want to stay for a drink then simply turn around and head out the door. No problem!

Many bars have reduced drinks prices before 10 pm, so-called “happy hour”. Some also have a reduced price draft beer after 10 pm. Regular prices are around Bt 120 for a Heineken.

Short List of Go Go Bars to Visit

If you are new to Pattaya, here are 10 go-go bars that are worth checking out, all in the Walking Street area:

Walking Street: Airport Club, Living Dolls Showcase, Peppermint.
Soi Diamond: Heaven Above, Super Girl, Windmill.
Soi 15: AngelWitch, What’s Up, Baby Dolls.
Soi Happy: Happy Go-Go.

For more details about these 10 go-go bars, see Pattaya Go Go Bars Review.

These bars are all consistently rated high for good service, and a steady supply of pretty go-go dancers. Go check them out and enjoy your evening!