The most exciting nightlife you can find anywhere!

Pattaya nightlife offers great entertainment, friendly people, and lots of fun! If you came to be entertained, you will be not be disappointed. If you came to meet beautiful girls, you are in the right place. Pattaya has thousands of beer bars and around 80 go-go bars

Walking Street

Walking Street is the centre of Pattaya nightlife. It is packed with dance clubs, beer bars, go-go bars, and restaurants. Walking Street is closed to traffic between 7 pm and 3 am.

After dark the street is transformed, with street vendors and impromptu entertainers. Head down there for an evening of fun!

Beer Bars

Walking Street has dozens of open-air beer bars. Check out the larger beer bars like Simon Bar, Candy Shop, Hot Tuna or the Frog, or if you prefer one of the smaller beer bars, stop in at one that looks inviting. Chat to the friendly girls and watch the world go by.

Some have live music like CandyShop, opposite Soi 15, and Utopia, on Soho Square at the south end of Walking Street.

Go-Go Bars

Most of Pattaya’s go-go bars are in the Walking Street area. Go-go bars have closed doors, but there is no membership fee or entrance fee. You are welcome to go inside and take a look, before you decide to buy a drink and stay for a while. Sit and watch the action on centre stage or buy one of the girls a drink.

On Walking Street itself, there’s the amazing Airport Club, the luxurious Baccara, the hi-tech Iron Club, the always popular Peppermint club, and New Living Dolls where the girls are always friendly, to name a few. There are several soi off walking street, like Soi 15 with Angelwitch, What’s up, Baby Dolls, Soi 16 has Club Boesche, Toyz a Go-Go, Club Sin City and X-Zone. There’s Soi Diamond, with more than a dozen go-go bars, and of course Happy A Go-Go on Soi Happy!

These are all great go-go bars, well run, with lots of attractive friendly girls. If you have time you should visit them all!

Soi Diamond Go-Go Bars

If you are having difficulty deciding which go-go bar to choose, find Soi Diamond, off Walking Street, just next to Soi 15 and take a look at all the go-go bars. There are more than a dozen in this side-street alone, including Heaven Above, Windmill, Gentlemen’s club, Super Girl and Super Baby. All worth a visit! Resist going into the go-go bars where you get the greatest pressure to come inside. Sometimes the girls will try to pull you inside physically!! The best go-go bars generally have a low key presence on the street. Choose from one of the names above. You will find one that suits your taste. Click here for a complete list of all go-go bars in Pattaya.

Soi 7 and Soi 8

The other main area for beer bars is the adjacent Soi 7 and 8, between Beach Road and 2nd Road just south of Pattaya Central Road, about 5 mins north of Walking Street. Both these Soi are tightly packed with beer bars, go-go bars and restaurants. These alleys are narrow so you will often find the girls spilling onto the street and presenting you with a wall of beautiful girls trying to persuade you to spend time in their bar. It’s a lot of fun so take a look!

Soi 6

Soi 6 is just north of Pattaya Central Road. It’s another favourite venue for beer bar buffs. This is where you will find many of the character bars like Jack Tar, The Clansman, Queen Victoria, and the Lord Nelson. Here you can find a wide selection of imported beers, ciders, and whiskeys, served up by Pattaya’s most well known characters.

Soi 6 is well known for its short time bars. They are closed to view, with doors, windows, and air-conditioning like a go-go bar. The difference is that girls sit outside the bar and invite you to step inside and spend a short time with them in one of the short time rooms!

Soi Buakhao / Soi Diana

This is another favourite area for regulars, a little further away from Walking Street. You will find Soi Diana off 2nd Road just opposite Mike Shopping Mall. Look for Kiss Food Restaurant on the corner. Soi Diana leads to Soi Buakhao.

On Soi Buakhao, there’s Club Oasis A Go-Go on the corner of Soi Chaiyapoon, Club Blu Pattaya Coyote dancing bar on the corner of Soi LK Metro, and at the south end of Soi Buakhao, near Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya Road) there’s Paradise A Go-Go.


PattayaLand includes Soi 13/3 and 13/4 just north of Walking Street between Beach Road and 2nd Road. PattayaLand also includes Boyztown which is predominantly gay bars and go-go bars.

Clubs & Shows

If you are looking for an evening of music and dance, try one of the dance clubs. there are lots of them on Walking Street.

Tony’s Discotheque, Lucifer’s, the Blues Factory offers great live music. B-52 night club on Soho Square has 3 floors, restaurant and bar on the ground floor, disco on the second floor and special shows for VIP guests on the top floor. These clubs are also great places to meet local girls.

Cabaret Shows

If you are here to see a cabaret show, choose from AngelWitch on Soi 15 (off Walking Street) or one of the trans-sexual shows, Tiffany’s or Alcazar on 2nd Road. They will amaze you and delight you.

Fetish Clubs

If you are looking for entertainment that includes fantasy, role play and fetish, there are a few clubs in Pattaya that you should check out.

The Castle Pattaya on Pattaya Third Road,
The Devil’s Den on Soi LK Metro, off Soi Buakhao,
Secret Motions on Thepprasit RD, South Pattaya.

If you like to dress up and indulge in one of your fantasies check out these clubs.

The Dark Side

For those of you who are in Pattaya for an extended stay or if you have an adventurous spirit you might want to check out some of the bars on the dark side. This is the area east of Sukhumvit, also known as Pattaya east. This area is mainly residential and doesn’t get a lot of tourists. The bars here are a mix of beer bars and short time bars and have a character of their own. We were so impressed with our visit to the Black Pearl bar, the most well-known bar on the dark-side, complete with indoor pool and young girls who dive naked for coins thrown into the pool, that we have several bars in our sights to visit and report on.

These bars are not well known, so finding a taxi driver who can take you there can be a bit of a challenge.