Cavern club has a great location, right in the centre of Walking Street just opposite Soi Diamond and just south of Airport and Iron Club. The club has had a complete makeover since it’s days as Sisterz go-go bar. The owners decided on a Disneyland style with faux rocks, a stream and waterfalls. The stream and waterfalls are illuminated with a blue light, and there is a giant hand, a kind of King Kong theme, with a beautiful girl dancing in the giant’s hand.

The stage has been moved from the center to the far right wall. The stage is longer with pole for 11 girls including the hand. There are currently 8 girls dancing in rotation. The girls take it in turn to dance on the elevated giant hand.

There are two extra small stages at opposite ends of the bar, each with several poles but just one girl standing on each stage. There’s no shower, jacuzzi or play area.

There is seating around the stage area, and more bar stools on the left side opposite the main stage.

The bar was quite busy, and with more than 30 girls available there is the potential for some fun interaction. But the atmosphere was quiet last night. Some girls chatting to customers but not a lot of interaction. Some cute girls, and some average girls.

The girls are dressed in Flintstones, style leopard bikinis, imagine Wilma Flintstone in a bikini and you’ll get the picture. The hostesses have more modern style leopard look outfits.

The Cavern has male serving staff. They’re very polite and efficient, but their presence puts a kind of “look, don’t touch” damper on the evenings activities.

There were also staff in uniforms from other clubs, like Baccara, and Beach club, that added some confusion to the club’s ambiance.

It’s an interesting club, but the special effects make it a spectacle, rather than a place to relax and have some fun. The girls seem friendly enough, but with the main seating that’s remote from the centre stage, and the formal atmosphere, it seems to be a one drink stop for most visitors.

Prices same as Baccara, Draught ฿59, Bottle beer ฿120, lady drink ฿120.

Cavern club go go bar Pattaya
Center Walking Street, Pattaya South,
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260

The Cavern A-GoGo Bar Pattaya is located between Soi 15 and Soi 16 on Walking Street in Pattaya, opposite Soi Diamond.