I was entertaining a friend, the other night, who hasn’t been to Walking Street in a while. We stopped in at Beavers where I always seem to get a good reception. We had a few drinks, and some hands on time with some friendly girls.

My buddy had an enjoyable time with a very cute girl, although his comment was, he didn’t like the layout much. I guess you either like a table dancing club or it just doesn’t work for you.

The girls at Beavers wear micro skirts and no panties so it’s all a question of where you sit in the club. Do you look across the room and gaze into the girls eyes, or look up at the girl at your table, and smile at her beautiful curves!

Draught Beer ฿55, Lady Drinks ฿120


Beavers is one of the few table dancing clubs that seems to work well in my experience. There’s 6 dancing tables and no centre stage. They always seem to have a few great looking girls and I usually have some fun there, so it seemed like good place to refuel before continuing my evenings exploration.

It was after 1:00 am when I got there. The place was fairly quiet with about 7 or 8 customers. I counted about a dozen dancing girls, and two or three good looking girls. Enough to keep most guys interested. The girls were dressed in cute red satin outfits, short pleated skirt, with no panties and a bikini top. None of the girls were topless.

Then I saw one girl who was incredibly hot, and she had just started her rotation. I watched as she danced at each table. A couple of other girls approached me to chat, but I was so distracted by this beauty, that they soon realised their efforts were fruitless.

This girl was very popular. At each table, guys were having fun with her, interacting and giving her money, following her like she was the only girl in the room.

I wanted to talk to this girl, and tried to make eye contact with her. I waited my turn, she stepped onto my table. The guy on the other side of the table, got her attention and was having fun interacting with her. He was impressed too, he gave her cash three times in the space of one song!. I didn’t get much chance to interact with her. The song ended, and I held out a hand to help her switch tables.

When she moved onto the next table, I moved to her table, to be a lot closer. She looked a little curious, as to what was going on. I decided to try a different approach. Instead of reaching out to her, I would try to get her to come to me. I looked up at her, and talked to her. But she couldn’t hear what I was saying, so she bent down, to listen to me. Bless Thai girls they will always stop for a chat!

She stopped dancing, we chatted for a few minutes. I soon realised there was a connection here. This girl could hold a conversation! I was enchanted.

I offered to buy her a drink. When it came, she downed her tequila in one gulp, then asked if she could join me (what a question !!). At this point the other guys looked on, with interest. She turned to one of them and rebuked him. “You forgot me!” she said. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

She stepped down and sat next to me. We chatted and chatted, she told me how disappointed she was that no one seemed to know where her home town is, and she explained that she used to work in a beer bar, when she first came to Pattaya and was very shy. Now she explained how uninhibited she was and how proud she was of her magnificent body. She lifted up her skirt and proudly revealed her shaven rosebud. I was in lust.

I was aware that the other guys in the room were watching our little tête-à-tête. Suddenly one of the guys got up and walked over towards us. He smiled and shook my hand, as if to say, I wanted this girl but I see you have her attention. He turned and walked out of the bar.

I was really interested in this girl. I asked if I could bar fine her. She said it was too late tonight (it was after 1:30 am). she explained that her 16 month old son lived with her and she had to be back at her apartment at 3 am, so her “sister” could go home.

Wow, I was disappointed and impressed at the same time. Here’s a Thai girl go-go dancer who hasn’t taken the easy route and dumped her child on her parents. I know it’s not easy for these girls to be separated from their kids, but it seems to be almost a tradition. This girl had decided her son was important enough to arrange for a child minder to baby-sit him when she went to work, so she could be with him every day. This girl was now even more interesting to me.

She promised to arrange for her sister to stay over the next night, so I could bar fine her. I await this evening’s events with great anticipation!

Stop in at Beavers Go-Go, it’s near the Beach Road end of Walking Street, and it’s usually a lot of fun!

Draught Beer ฿55, Heineken ฿110, Lady drinks ฿120, Bar Fine ฿600.

Moo 10 Walking Street, Bang Lamung, Chonburi,
Pattaya, Thailand – 20150