Tucked away in a side street off Soi Buahkao opposite the Siam Sawasdee hotel is the Baby Boom A Go-Go. It’s a small go-go near the corner of the L shaped street. Click here for map of Baby Boom.

The bar is now in it’s 8th month of operation and seems to be doing well. The number of dancers is down to about 12 – 14, from high season reflecting both the low season and the slow down in visitors to Thailand, and it’s not yet part of the resident farang circuit.

The bar has a smallish stage, that’s designed for 6 dancers, but last night there were only 4 girls on stage, and there’s comfortable seating around the walls. If you want to make eye contact with the dancers, find a seat along the wall opposite the dance stage.

There’s a handful of cute girls and the rest average. In all, a good looking troupe of girls for an off Walking Street bar, many of whom would be welcomed at the major clubs on Walking Street. Baby Boom has no shows, play area or Jacuzzi (I believe there’s one upstairs, but not yet in operation). The club depends on a bunch of cute girls who are friendly and willing to spend time with customers. And Baby Boom does this very well. Last night there was a steady stream of customers, although the place was never full.

There’s a great atmosphere, the girls obviously enjoy working at the club and it shows in their relaxed manner and their friendliness towards customers. As a result, it has a fun, friendly ambiance that only a few Walking Street clubs can equal or better.

At most clubs, the cute girls don’t make an effort, knowing they will be sought out by eager customers, and they leave the interaction to the average girls who are trawling for lady drinks. Well, last night all the girls were friendly, and they were happy to come chat and sit with customers between rotations on stage.

I had a steady stream of girls stop by to say hello, and the girls seemed genuinely friendly. You don’t get the impression you’re just being setup for a lady drink. When the cutest girl in the bar comes to sit next to you and wants to be friendly, you know it’s going to be a fun evening!

If Baby Boom maintains its current standards, it will be a great success. It is one of the best small go-go’s around, and has a fun atmosphere that several bigger clubs on Walking Street would die for. So it’s well worth finding your way there for an evening of fun.

Drinks are well priced, with draught beer at ฿59, bottled beer at ฿90, and lady drinks at ฿100. Bar Fine ฿500. So a fun evening with a few lady drinks doesn’t break the bank.

Baby Boom Agogo
Soi Buakhao,Bang Lamung, Chonburi,
Pattaya, Thailand – 20150