On my nightly walk along Walking Street the other night I was distracted by one of the door girls at Iron Club, probably the cutest greeting girl I’ve seen for a long time. I had to stop for a while and chat to her. I have to admit lingering for a while, thinking this girl is totally misplaced. I am not a big fan of those leather look, black latex one piece swimsuits that some Asian cultures think that girls should be dressed in, but when they show off a magnificent set of thighs then I will stop and take a look. This girl had features to match in every department. She was hot.

I chatted for a while, and in a kind of daze, I drifted away, and found myself looking into the eyes of one of the Airport service girls. It didn’t take much persuasion on her part for me to step inside.

Eye Catching Uniforms

The Airport girls are always dressed in the most eye catching airline style costumes. Airport club is one of the few go-go bars in town where you trip over beautiful, friendly girls as you look for a seat amongst the crowd. It was early evening and the place was already packed. I was lead to a bar stool near the shower entertainment area.

This night there were two attractive, go-go girls demonstrating their every talent in the shower and the adjoining circular gymnastic table for naked, drenched nymphs. This was taking interactive shower area to a new level. The guys sitting right next to the shower area were having a night to remember.

A Clear Favourite

If you’d asked me before today which of the clubs in town was number 1, I’d have been hard pressed to give an answer, because there are just so many darn good ones, it’s hard to pick just one. Airport club has always been one of my favourite clubs, It struck me while I was enjoying my second drink, that I was experiencing a club that had everything in abundance.

It definitely wasn’t the beer that was creating this elevated mind state, and maybe it’s the name, that’s clouded my judgment in the past. When I hear “airport” I get conflicting thoughts. I always enjoy flying but don’t have fond memories of airports, having spent way too many hours hanging around in them, or dealing with mindless security officers in some far flung corner of this planet, or rushing like a lunatic to make an impossible connecting flight.

Well, all those negative thoughts aside, I was having an experience to be remembered at this Airport. I’ve always been impressed with the airport costumes. Airport not only has great looking service girls and go-go girls, they know how to package them better than anyone else in town. Even the captain in her unique, light coloured outfit was looking eye catching tonight. Airport have taken the outfit concept to a whole new level. They seem to have another interesting costume variation every time I go.

A Cure for Claustrophobia

I spent the first few minutes just taking in the events going on around me. Some of the hottest girls in town were excusing themselves to squeeze past me! Of course, airport has some of the cutest service girls in town. I was distracted by one of them for a moment, and was brought back to the present when one of the hottest go-go dancers excused herself to squeeze past. Airport makes claustrophobia a whole new experience!

Airport is such a hive of activity and they have so many great looking girls, dressed in their terrific airline style uniforms, that it was quite a while before I even glanced over at the main dance floor. And there were a handful of hot girls right there on the dance floor. Beautiful, friendly girls wherever I looked! Airport sure knows how to run a great go-go bar. Make sure it’s on your list of clubs to visit when you’re in Pattaya.

Airport Club Pattaya Hotels
Walking Street (Soi Diamond), Pattaya, Chon Buri
Pattaya, Thailand – 20260